How to deal with a seller

When you purchase an asset with your Montana LLC (vehicle, boat or airplane) there are several steps you need to go through with the party selling the asset

The seller needs to know that your LLC and not you personally will be purchasing the vehicle, boat or airplane.

If the seller is financing the purchase for you, they'll have to get approval from their lender.

The lender will have to agree to fund the purchase through your LLC and may require an LLC Operating Agreement, an EIN or a Borrowing Agreement - in addition to your LLC's Articles of Organization. We can prepare these documents for you.

Don't finalize your purchase until these financial details are worked out. Something sold to you personally cannot be licensed through your LLC until it is transfered into the LLC using a Bill of Sale.

All sales documents should reference your LLC as the purchaser with you signing for the LLC as a member. (for example you would sign documents: Ed and Associates, LLC by Ed Jones, member)

We'll need the original title (not a copy or a fax) to get your plates. For important shipping and mailing tips click here.

If the purchase is financed, the seller may be reluctant to give you the title (which must be surrendered to the Montana licensing authoriy in order to get your plates.)

If that's the case, your lender can send the title directly to the Montana Motor Vehicle Department. We'll match it up with your licensing documents and get your plates. That way neither you nor we ever have physical control of the title and your lender is protected. Here's where they should send the title:

Montana Motor Vehicle Department
c/o (your LLC name)-Business Tech
316 N. Park Ave., Room 142
Helena, MT 59624

Rarely, the lender will need a Request for Foreign Title Transfer before sending the title to the Montana MV dept.

For more details on Montana titles, click here.

If you're buying a vehicle already licensed in Montana, click here

Commercial sellers almost always provide a temporary license of some kind to cover the time it will take to get your Montana plates, boat or aircraft registration. If your seller won't or can't do that, get a signed Bill of Sale (download) and call us. We'll get you a temporary Montana permit.